January 2022   |   Vol 2 Issue 6

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

We welcome with open arms, yet another new year full of hopes, dreams, chances & fresh beginnings.

Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us with a book, full of blank pages - an opportunity to rewrite our destiny, afresh.

We anticipate that the human race will mature and not forget the hard-learnt lessons during the unprecedented pandemic lockdowns.

We will value the gifts of life, presence of fellow beings around us and Mother Nature. We will practise empathy, selfless love and care. We will be more responsible and will focus on human values rather than material possessions. We will overcome our weak and malicious habits, desires & thoughts and embark together on a path of universal brotherhood and well-being.

The learning towards a prosperous individual and social future begins at home.

Home is the first and the most effective place where a child learns the initial lessons of life along with essential qualities of truth, self-control, value of education, the purpose & privilege of life.

And then come schools to further assist the parents and children, by providing a social learning platform, a stimulating environment, systematic approach to learning with specialised and trained assistance.

The sole purpose of Sherwood Group of Institutions also is to help students become valuable Human Resources with Spiritual Strength, Physical Fitness, Academic Excellence and important Virtues.

At Sherwood Group of Institutions, we provide experiential opportunities for every student,

  • to identify and nurture his/her passion (talent)
  • to use head, heart and hand to excel not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities
  • to imbibe Indian culture, tradition and values
  • to keep pace with the rapidly advancing digital technologies

The students learn to live by a routine, inculcating a sense of discipline that will benefit them for life.

Self-care is highest on priority with physical exercises like Yoga & Seasonal games to build-up stamina, strengthen joints and muscles.

Academic excellence is achieved by providing thrilling - learning experiences to the students through inter-disciplinary projects, activities and learning parks.

Let us come together to nurture our children - the future citizens of the world, to prepare them to combat the challenges of life without deviating from the path of righteousness.

- Mr. Pradeep Mistry