December 2021  |   Vol 2 Issue 5


The misty cold mornings, carols, hanging stars.... the month of December winds up the year infusing in us hopes for the impending year. The year 2021 though kicked off with the fear of the pandemic still looming, the next few months saw a drop in the casualties. A heartfelt gratitude and appreciation goes to the untiring efforts of the covid warriors, the countless hours spent in their area of work and the relentless spirit they continued to put up. The mid of the year led to a gradual and phased reopening of the educational institutes, entertainment zones, shopping areas etc...

The reopening of Sherwood and Heritage schools were meticulously planned with keen attention and care being devoted to the covid protocols. The month of September saw the entry of the first batch of the students – the senior classes; gradually the lower classes were called in. It is a matter of contentment and gratification that we could reopen the schools, though in batches beginning with the ISC to the pre primary. The joy of the moment when children entered the schools transcended all the doubts and concerns we had regarding the resuming of offline classes. Continuing with the hybrid mode, we are on the task of bringing the children at par compensating for the loss that they had during online sessions. We persistently try to provide them with opportunities for hands-on learning, fun time on ground and unveil their creative side during physical school.



Celebrating days of national importance and those related to school stands as an unfading principle even during the virtual mode of learning in Sherwood and Heritage. We celebrated Independence Day, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti with utmost patriotism and fervour. The presence of children in the campus after a gap of 22 months made this year’s Children’s Day celebration memorable. The staff of both the schools gathered in the beautiful campus of Heritage Valley for a truly remarkable celebration of the 75th birthday of our beloved Sir. The Founders’ days of both schools were virtually conducted beginning with a Havan in the assembly hall followed by a session for teachers. Students, on the occasion of Teachers’ day acknowledged the efforts of their teachers and conveyed their affection in the form of virtual cards and videos. In an attempt to keep up with the pace of the emerging trends in the field of education and to deliver the best to the students in the class, teacher’s professional development programmes are conducted on a regular basis which includes, seminars, demonstration classes, making subject parks, visits to places of educational importance etc.

The globe on the whole has encountered a never seen before pandemic; the repercussions of this was quite unpredictable, we met with financial crisis and personal turmoil, , almost all had moments of shock not knowing how to tackle the unfortunate and unprecedented events lined up before us.



As we draw the curtain on the year 2021, let us forget the unpleasant experiences we have encountered this year; let the world breathe afresh with the positivity of the rejuvenated souls inhabiting it. The upcoming year would certainly be better as the past two years have churned out the best in us, we are now resistant to any odds and equipped with immense will power to conquer great heights destined for us.

We extend our heartiest gratitude and appreciation to all the students of Sherwood, Heritage and their parents whose unwavering spirit and steady support has kept us moving and let the fire in us alive for catering to the needs of the children to the best of our abilities.

The Classroom Chronicles has been running successfully for more than a year now. Hope you enjoy reading the new format of the Newsletter we have switched on to. The student newsletter team deserves an applause for its efficient functioning !! As we believe education is a tripolar process, we request the parents to contribute generously to the Newsletter. Your amazing thoughts, ideas and experience in various fields when shared with the budding Sherwoodians would help them get exposed to the numerous possibilities the world has to offer.

Get on to know the creative elements hidden in the gems of both the schools, here presenting the fifth edition of Classroom Chronicles – Vol 2. We hope you enjoy reading this edition.

- Ms Neethu M